Google Adsense Ads Serving Disabled But Re-Enabled in Less than 2 Days

Aug 28, 2013 / Share
zero adsense earningsThis is the story of how Adsense disabled ad serving on one of my websites but I was able to make them re-enable ad serving in less than two days.

At 2:25 PM on August 27, I received an email from the Google Adsense Team with the subject:
Google AdSense ad serving has been disabled to your site
I immediately checked my website and found out that there are no more adsense ads on it. My adsense dashboard is also registering very low page views and earnings.

Detailed Reason in the Email

I continue reading the email and I was thankful that only one of my websites has the issue. This one was still showing ads as expected.

I read the entire email and contrary to most that I've read in other blogs and forums, the Google Adsense Team actually provides you with an explanation why they disabled ad serving on your website.

If you are experiencing this right now, here are my tips to have your adsense ad serving re-enabled:

The Steps

1. Read the whole email and admit that you've done something wrong. Mine was my failure to add credits to some images that I included in some blog posts.

2. The Adsense team will give you a sample page that contains the violation. Edit that and remove or correct what you think is against Google Adsense TOS. Check other pages too.

3. Fill up this appeal form with the following format:
State that you acknowledge the violation. I think you will immediately know what your fault is after reading the email.
Specify the things that you've changed on your website. I even gave the url's of the pages that I edited.
Give a promise that this won't happen again because you've done something that will prevent the violation. Specify this too.  

4. Be professional and don't post harsh words on your blog or forum about Adsense. Just wait for their reply that will come after a day or two. The sooner you send the appeal, the faster you'll make ads servng re-enabled too.

When Will Adsense Reply?

I got a reply from the Google Adsense Team on August 28 at 8:12 PM. They thanked me for makign the neccessary changes to my website and stated that ads serving has been re-enabled.

After two hours, I already saw the ads back in my website.

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