Senior High School Curriculum Guides from DepEd

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The following curriculum guides are hosted on Google Drive. To download, just click the downward arrow or press Ctrl+S.
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Senior High School Core Curriculum Subjects

1. Oral Communication
2. Reading and Writing
3. Komunikasyon at Pananaliksik sa Wika at Kulturang Filipino
4. Pagbasa at Pagsusuri ng Iba’t-Ibang Teksto Tungo sa Pananaliksik
5. 21st Century Literature from the Philippines and the World
6. Contemporary Philippine Arts from the Regions
7. Media and Information Literacy
8. General Mathematics
9. Statistics and Probability
10. Earth and Life Science
11. Physical Science
12. Introduction to Philosophy of the Human Person / Pambungad sa Pilosopiya ng Tao
13. Physical Education and Health
14. Personal Development/ Pansariling Kaunlaran
15. Understanding Culture, Society, and Politics
16. Earth Science (taken instead of Earth and Life Science for those in the STEM Strand)
17. Disaster Readiness and Risk Reduction (taken instead of Physical Science for those in the STEM Strand)

Senior High School Contextualized Subjects

1. English for Academic and Professional Purposes
2. Research in Daily Life 1
3. Research in Daily Life 2
4. Pagsulat sa Filipino sa Piling Larangan
5. Empowerment Technologies (E-Tech): ICT for Professional Tracks
6. Entrepreneurship
7. Research Project/Culminating Activity

Senior High School Specialized Subjects


1. Accountancy, Business and Management (ABM) Strand
a. Applied Economics
b. Business Ethics and Social Responsibility
c. Fundamentals of Accountancy, Business and Management 1
d. Fundamentals of Accountancy, Business and Management 2
e. Business Math
f. Business Finance
g. Organization and Management
h. Principles of Marketing
i. Work Immersion/Research/Career Advocacy/Culminating Activity i.e. Business Enterprise Simulation

2. Humanities and Social Sciences Strand (HUMSS)
a. Creative Writing/ Malikhaing Pagsulat
b. Introduction to World Religions and Belief Systems
c. Creative Nonfiction
d. Trends, Networks, and Critical Thinking in the 21st Century Culture
e. Philippine Politics and Governance
f. Community Engagement, Solidarity, and Citizenship
g. Disciplines and Ideas in the Social Sciences
h. Disciplines and Ideas in the Applied Social Sciences
i. Work Immersion/ Research/ Career Advocacy/ Culminating Activity

3. Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Strand
a. Pre-Calculus
b. Basic Calculus
c. General Biology 1
d. General Biology 2
e. General Physics 1
f. General Physics 2
g and h. General Chemistry 1 and 2
i. Work Immersion/Research/Career Advocacy/Culminating Activity

4. General Academic Strand
a. Humanities 1*
b. Humanities 2*
c. Social Science 1**
d. Applied Economics
e. Organization and Management
f. Disaster Readiness and Risk Reduction
g. Elective 1 (from any Track/Strand)***
h. Elective 2 (from any Track/Strand)***
i. Work Immersion/Research/Career Advocacy/Culminating Activity
*Select from HUMSS Strand Subjects a to d.
**Select from HUMSS Strand Subjects e to h.
***Schools must present/offer a range of subjects from which students can choose.


1. Safety and First Aid
2. Human Movement
3. Fundamentals of Coaching
4. Sports Officiating and Activity Management
5. Fitness, Sports and Recreation Leadership
6. Psychosocial Aspects of Sports and Exercise
7. Fitness Testing and Basic Exercise Programming
8. Practicum (in-campus)
9. Work Immersion/Research/Career Advocacy/Culminating Activity i.e. Apprenticeship (off-campus)


1. Creative Industries I: Arts and Design Appreciation and Production
2. Creative Industries II: Performing Arts
3. Physical and Personal Development in the Arts
4. Developing Filipino Identity in the Arts
5. Integrating the Elements and Principles of Organization in the Arts
6. Leadership and Management in Different Arts Fields
7. Apprenticeship and Exploration of Different Arts Fields
    a. Media Arts and Visual Arts
    b. Literary Arts 
    c. Dance 
    d. Music
    e. Theater
8. Work Immersion/Research/Career Advocacy/Culminating Activity i.e. Exhibit for Arts Production/Performing Arts Production
   a. Performing Arts Production
   b. Exhibit for Arts Production
     i. Media and Visual Arts
     ii. Literary Arts


1. Home Economics Strand 
a. Hairdressing
b. Tailoring
c. Caregiving
d. Food and Beverage Services
e. Bread and Pastry Production
f. Housekeeping
g. Tour Guiding Services
h. Tourism Promotion Services
i. Attractions and Theme Parks Tourism
j. Handicraft
  1. WHATA Birds-Eye-View of Strands and TRacks! Greatly appreciated your Senior High School Curriculum Guides from DepEd. Nice nice nice..

  2. Thanks! Great help for my report tomorrow. Easy access! Nice!

  3. QUestion, if a student want to take tertiary course of BS Tourism, what track should she enroll in Grade11-12?

    1. Choose a tvl course coursely related to bs tourism..for further skills development..walang bearing naman sa college yung itatake mo sa shs mag tvl man yan o hindi..

  4. I think. Tech voc track. Home economics strand

  5. Uhm.. I researched then nabasa ko you can also pursue HRM and Tourism management courses sa ABM strand. Naguguluhan ako. What track should I take ba talaga-_- can someone help me? Natuwa kasi ako nung nalaman kong pwede din pala sa ABM yun. HRM and Business management kasi pinapipilian kong course.

    1. Any u course u want in shs...there is no bearing in college course ur shs course...

    2. Any u course u want in shs...there is no bearing in college course ur shs course...

    3. Any u course u want in shs...there is no bearing in college course ur shs course...

  6. Kung IT ang kukunin sa college anong Track ang pipiliin?


    2. pwede ka sa TechVoc -technology and information strand: Computer programming, medical transcription or animation... kung ano ang pinakahilig o-doon ka para mag enjoy ka while learning more

  7. Please help guys. Ano ba dpat ang sa BS Tourism? TVL or ABM?

    1. TVL po nakasaad po sa isang site about k-12

    2. Anong track poh ba ang hrm sa k-12?

  8. If MedTech and later Medicine ang gustong kunin sa College anong dapat na track? HUMSS or STEM?

    1. STEM po kasi ung medicine consider po sya na about science and technology po eh TY

  9. Paano po kung Psychology ang kukunin sa college? What track should I take? I'm thinking about HUMSS. But I can't find sure answers kung isa ang Psych sa courses na pwedeng kunin kapag 'yan ang track na kinuha ko. Thanks. Please reply ASAP. :)

  10. Sa academic track po ba anong pwedeng itake pag magtutourism sa college?? Malapit na school kasi na nagooffer ng gr.11-12 ee puro academics lang. Ang HUMSS po ba pwede pag magtutourism??

  11. sir Daniel gubalane, do you have example of a prospectus of senior high school? or class schedule?

  12. anon)track if HRM yung course? :) would somebody please answer.

  13. If nag-take po ako ng academic track na naaayon sa kukunin kong course in the future, malelessen po ba ung years na pag-aaralan ko sa course na yun?

    1. YES malelessen ka ng 4 days sa BUHAY MO

  14. Hi! what academic strand should I take If I want to get AB Communication major in Advertising, for college? thanks.

  15. Hi! Can i ask lang po kasi gusto ko pong mag ABM pero tourism po yung gusto kong course ok lang po ba yun ? Or kailangan TVL talaga ?

    1. kailangan mo munang mag ABC bago ka mag ABM anak.

  16. kung Psychology ang kukunin ko sa college? anong track kukunin ko?

  17. kung culinary ang itatake ko sa college, anong track dapat ang kunin ko sa grades 11 and 12 ?