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Hi! I'm Daniel Gubalane - former Physics and Chemistry teacher and now a freelance web developer and blogger.

I graduated from Visayas State University with a degree in Education but I guess teaching in the high school setting is not for me. I love teaching Physics but the demands and responsibilities of being a teacher in the Philippines is more than I can handle.

Hence, I will just teach online using this site. I hope you enjoyed and learned in my Physics and Chemistry as well as software and web services tutorials.

I'm also obsessed with technology. When I was teaching, I always prepare the Powerpoint presentations for the events in school. I was the man behind the LCD projector, hehe!

I have another tech blog, Pinoy Techno Guide that focuses on gadgets like smart phones and tablets in the Philippines. I tried to mix gadget reviews and software tutorials in Pinoy Techno Guide but tutorials need a better and cleaner format to be effective.

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