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Sep 1, 2013 / Share Screenshot screenshot is one of the most promising alternatives to Google Adsense.

If you're not yet an Adsense publisher or you want to compliment your Adsense earnings, you should request an invite in You can also turn to when you get banned in Adsense.

It's fairly easy to get accepted in You just head to their home page and click on request an invite. You then fill up the form and wait for their welcome email.

What if you're not accepted?

First, let's consider the factors that uses to determine if they will accept you or not.

1. Good Quality Content

There's no need to aim for high quality content, just good quality. Make sure that your website or blog contains more than 20 good quality posts that a person would like to read.

2. Content in English

Needless to say, having content in English gives you more chances of earning with ad networks. particularly requires English as your content language.

3. US, Canada and UK Traffic

Now this one seems to be the problem that hinder many from being accepted in My main website has almost 80% of its traffic from the Philippines. But I have almost 13,000 pageviews from US, Canada and UK monthly too.

This might have slipped through's attention so I appealed.

Appeal to

After receiving an email stating that I wasn't accepted to, I immediately took a screenshot of my traffic stats showing my monthly pageviews in different countries. I then sent it to the appeal email address that they've included in their message.

The next day, I received an email from a name that sounded like someone from India. When I opened it, I was surprised that he was my personal sales representative and offered guidance on how I can implement ads on my website.


Before applying to, make sure that you have good quality content in English with US, UK and Canada traffic. If they won't still accept you, take a screenshot of your traffic stats and send it to their appeal email address.

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