Facebook Business Page Tips for More Likes and Engagement

Aug 14, 2013 / Share
Facebook Business PageCreating a Facebook business page may sound simple. But when you see very few likes of your page and posts, the following tips will help you.

1. Use a Good Cover Photo and profile Picture

You should use a cover photo that highlights your product. Preferably, it should be a photo of your customer enjoying your product.

Sample Facebook Cover Photo
Sample cover photo that highlights the product.

For the profile picture, your logo is the best choice. If you use another picture for your profile photo, make sure that it symbolizes your business.

2. Own Your Business Name on Facebook

Before anyone steals your business name, edit the URL of your Facebook business page. Instead of https://www.facebook.com/pages/your_bus
iness/340890148749, change it to https://www.facebook.com/your_business.

To do that, open you Facebook business page and Update its Page Info. You need at least 30 likes to customize your Page URL.

3. Fill up All the Information About Your Business

When you create your Facebook business page, don't leave any information blank. What if a customer wants to call your office but you did not put up a phone number? It's a lost deal.

A complete About description, address and contact numbers also gives the impression that you are serious with your Facebook business page.

4. Promote Your Facebook Business Page

This doesn't necessarily mean that you have to spend money with Facebook advertisements just to increase the likes of your page. There are many ways to promote your Facebook business page to your potential customers.

Some ideas are the following:
  • include your custom Facebook Page URL in your posters, business cards, and wrappers
  • tell your friends about it
  • find bloggers who are willing to review your product

5. Vary Your Posts

Facebook says photos receive the most likes but I think you should vary your posts.

Post photos of your products, events and share photos from your customers who are using your product.

You should also post text only status updates and there are also polls and questions that makes your customers engage with your page. It might even start a debate which is good for your page. Just make sure that the debate stays educational and informative.

Don't forget to post Notes of your frequently asked questions too. For example, mobile phone companies often post guides in installing apps to their products.

Finally, upload videos of your events especially if your customers are involved.


Starting and maintaining a Facebook business page is not an easy task. But by following these tips and others that you can get from people who've been there, your task will be easier and lighter.

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