Nuffnang Philippines Increases Withholding Tax to 15% of Blogger’s Earnings

Apr 17, 2015 / Share
I just got an email from Nuffnang Philippines about the increased amount of Withholding Tax that the company will deduct from my earnings – from the almost negligible 2% to a whopping 15%!

Nuffnang Tax BIR
Nuffnang and BIR logos.

Nuffnang is one of the well-known advertising companies in the Philippines. It even claims as “The World’s Leading Blog Advertising Community”. However, the constant complaints bloggers have on the company is its lack of actual ads.

The Bureau of Internal Revenue is said to have advised the increase. Nuffnang will provide a Certificate of Creditable Tax Withheld at Source also known as BIR Form 2307. This means that professional bloggers can submit this certificate as proof to the bureau upon filing.

However, this decision will further discourage casual bloggers who are just happy to reach ₱2,000 in their monthly earnings from displaying Nuffnang ads on their blogs. This is the least amount in order to withdraw.

Nonetheless, it’s an advise from the BIR and any company should follow it, lest suffer possible consequences.

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