5 Reasons Why I Didn't Join SWA to Earn Online

Apr 26, 2014 / Share
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Supreme Wealth Alliance (SWA) is probably the most popular way of earning money using Facebook in the Philippines.

It’s sort of a Multi-level Marketing system where you pay ₱2,300 to be a member and receive a set of eBooks. You’ll then recruit other people to join and you earn commissions.

Several friends recruited me but I didn’t join. Here are 5 reasons why:

1. I Don’t Like Recruiting People for SWA

I’m the silent, loner and ‘shy’ type person. Naturally, I don’t like approaching people and asking them to join the SWA scheme or other multi-level marketing (MLM) systems like food supplements.

Over time, I also discovered that I slowly disliked people who asked me to join MLM schemes. I’m afraid my friends would also feel this way. They might think like, “Oh no! Here comes Daniel. He will surely talk about SWA again.” Some might even block or unfriend me on Facebook and in real life.

2. SWA is Illegal

In SWA, a member recruits other people called downlines. These recruits can then recruit others who will pay the same amount and do the same thing – recruit others.

The membership fee is the primary source of income for SWA and its members and not from selling a product.

This is what the law calls ‘chain distribution plans’ or ‘pyramid sales schemes’ which is illegal. Yes, SWA is a pyramid scheme.

Howard Chan explains in a rather lengthy article why SWA is indeed illegal.

3. SWA is Morally Wrong

SWA promises easy money. You just recruit some people to join by convincing them that they will earn money just by using Facebook.

After a few recruits, you can then relax because your downlines will now work for you. When they recruit someone, you’ll earn a portion of that. Isn't that sweet?

Well, isn't that taking advantage of them? SWA has been operating for a few years now. As time passes, it becomes harder and harder to find someone willing to recruit people because most of them are like me – shy.

4. SWA Will Soon Collapse

SWA is an unsustainable business. Time will eventually come when there is no one left to recruit. This image best describes that:

Pyramid Schemes are Unsustainable
Why pyramid schemes are unsustainable illustration from the FCA of Canada.

5. I Don’t Want to Waste ₱2,300

If I join SWA, my ₱2,300 will just go to waste. I can’t recruit others because I don’t think this is right.

I already have several friends who are members of SWA. It reduces my chances of finding someone to recruit.

I can write a blog post or create a website and ask people to sign up but the feeling that this is wrong always creeps up.

Well, this is just me. If you still want to join SWA, that’s up to you. Just make sure that you understand the financial, legal, moral and social implications of what you are about to do.
  1. I knew it! There are a lot of us who don't like recruiting people.

  2. Hi Daniel, I read your article and it seems that your search is basely on what you just feel not exactly the entire logical sense. Probably you haven't been into MLM industry I guess. Definitely I'm not a SWA member, but been involved to business industry. I'm totally against SWA methodology but hope your thinking about the entire MLM industry is not the same like SWA. If your been into the industry, learning what truly it is and what it is exactly is really a different world you knew. Hope you don't take my comment harshly. I really appreciate your Blog by the way :)

    1. Hello FullMetalLimitEX!

      The article is just about SWA. A lot of MLM businesses are good like Forever Living and the one that sells cellphone load.

      You're comment is very much welcome! Thank you for stopping by...