My 3rd Nuffnang Payment, 4th Cashout Coming Soon!

Jan 15, 2014 / Share
Nuffnang CashoutBecause of Yolanda, I was forced to rent a room in the city that already has electricity and where Smart's 3G signal is satisfactory. This made a big dent in my budget and I needed more money for my basic needs.

Thankfully, Nuffnang sent my 3rd payment 3 days ago. That's just a little over a month from when I pressed the cashout button on December 9, 2013.

Why so fast? I gave Nuffnang my bank account details so that they can just deposit my earnings there. You can do the same too. After they deposit my money, I just have to wait 3 banking days for it to be cleared and I can then withdraw my earnings.

Of course, this Nuffnang payment isn't that big - just Php2,000. But hey, it saved me from going home and leaving my boarding house. I can then post more blog entries and find more jobs at oDesk to earn more money.

I'm looking forward to my fourth Nuffnang cashout. Its the highest amount that I earned from them yet - Php5,795! If this trend continues, I'll receive this money next month.
  1. Med mabagal nga sila but they pay so it's cool i guess. My first payout took more than two months lol. Had to remind them that it was already a little late . So they asked for my bank account and they deposited it there instead of sending a check. But that took a week or two din after they got my bank details.

    I just clicked cashout last jan 11 and it's now March 11 so pretty much 2 months na ulit. I need to remind them again haha. I should've gotten that ATM thing they have. Dunno if they still give it out.