Google greets me 'Happy Birthday' via Google Doodle

Jan 9, 2014 / Share
Google birthday doodle
Google's birthday doodle on my birthday.

The clock strikes 12:16 AM and I open a new tab on Google Chrome - and tadah! There's a new doodle that looks like a birthday party. When I hovered my cursor to check what it is about, I was surprised - it's for me. Google greets me 'Happy birthday!'.

I know that this is one of Google's tricks to win more people. But the doodle just looks very personalized like a hand drawn greeting card and it paints a smile on my lips.

Want to have a birthday greeting from Google too? Make sure you login to your Google account when you use Google Chrome on your next birthday and prepare for a surprise. :)
  1. #HomenagemDeAniversarioQueOGoogleFezPraMim!!!

  2. I was very pleasantly surprised this morning. Thank you Google!!!