NSO Helpline Review: Helpful, Except When You’re in a Hurry

Mar 29, 2016 / Share
I tried NSO Helpline’s services once but might not do it again.

As a requirement for a job application, I was asked to submit a copy of my birth certificate in one week. The nearest National Statistics Office (NSO) in our area is a 3-hour ride away by bus or van. Hence, I chose to use NSO Helpline which offers to deliver the birth certificate in 2-3 days for a ₱350.00 fee.

NSO Helpline logo
NSO Helpline's logo

Filling up the online form was a breeze. The website’s user interface is friendly and only important details were asked. I also chose the online payment option using a credit card but other options are available such as bayad centers.

I completed the application and payment on the evening of March 11 and expected to the document by March 15 to 16. I should have known better.

The deadline set by the company where I applied for a job is March 18 but my birth certificate arrived on March 19. That might just be late by one day but considering NSO Helpline’s promise of 2-3 days, it’s ultimately late by 3 days!

NSO Helpline birth certificate
My birth certificate from NSO Helpline.

March 18 was a Friday so I already lost hope that NSO Helpline can deliver the document on time. I decided to go to the NSO office to get my birth certificate myself doubling my expenses and wasting time travelling.

NSO Helpline might be helpful for people who need to get their birth certificate from the NSO without the hassle of queuing and travelling but it’s a pain when you are in a hurry.

In fairness with NSO Helpline, I live in the province and the fault might be in the courier. However, it’s their responsibility to deliver on their promised date.

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