So this is Why People Line Up for J.CO Donuts

Nov 27, 2014 / Share
Every time I pass by the J.CO branch in SM City Cebu, there’s always a queue of people buying those donuts.

Jco donuts
I queued for almost 30 minutes for these.

Out of curiosity (and my girlfriend’s request), I lined-up and bought a dozen of J.CO donuts for ₱350. Only those who are ordering take-out are required to fall in line.

I brought the box to my girlfriend’s boarding house and we ate the donuts. It immediately became clear why people line-up for these. J.CO donuts are so soft and with generous fillings and/or toppings.

My top pick of flavor is of course the Alcapone while my girlfriend automatically owns every flavor with chocolate.

Jco Alcapone donuts
Alcapone - J.CO's best seller!

After about three J.CO donuts each, we already felt full and the next bite seems like a chore. In the end, 4 and a half donuts were left for the morning.

Buying that 1 dozen box was a mistake, I should have chosen the half dozen option which costs ₱230. You can’t blame me for grabbing that ₱110 of savings! You will even save more if you order two dozens for ₱550 only.

My second purchase of J.CO donuts was still a dozen but this time, it’s for my family with eight members plus my visiting grandmother. Only the box was left.

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