Divergent Movie Review

Mar 16, 2014 / Share
I'm a bit disappointed with the movie adaptation of Divergent due to lacking scenes, underwhelming performance by Kate Winslet and poor CGI.

Divergent Movie Stills First Jumper Tris
First jumper! - One of my favorite scenes in Divergent.
Photo credit: Summit Entertainment.

One the positive side, Shailene and Theo were spectacular as Tris and Four. They are the biggest assets this franchise has.

The musical score was also good. The crow scene from Tris' fear landscape felt so real due to the accompanying sound.

The kiss between Tris and Four also ranks as one of the best scenes in the movie. Don't worry, it's very wholesome! You'll also laugh when Tris' fear of making love with Four shows on the big screen during the final test of the innitiation.

I also loved the train scenes. I didn't imagine the dauntless jumping that high and far! Then there's the jump  to the net that felt so real.

However, Divergent was a little boring. This might be because I've already read the book. Hence, I knew what was coming.

Then I get disappointed because they change something. Jeanine seemed to have taken a lot of exposure in the movie than the book. What's worse is that Kate Winslet doesn't deliver her role very well.

The poor CGI also bothered me. The buildings obviously look unreal and then there's the scene just before the game near the ferris wheel that look like it came from a 3D computer game.

All in all, I liked the main cast (except for Jeanine), the chemistry between Shailene and Theo, the action scenes and the fear landscapes. CGI looked poor but it can be improved.

I hope Insurgent, the second book, will be better than Divergent. Three out of Five!

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