How to Install Lynx Text Web Browser and Inspect Your Website's Content

Feb 16, 2014 / Share
Webmasters often find themselves scratching their heads over Google's advice to use Lynx. It is a text based web browser that supposedly shows you how Google's crawlers see your website.

Lynx Browser Screenshot
Screenshot of Google's homepage on Lynx Browser.

I also came to this point. The official website of Lynx isn't very helpful at all. Hence, I looked for other sources and uploaded the files to Google Drive to share it with you guys.

Here's how you can make Lynx up and running on your Windows PC:

1. Download this zip file from Google Drive.

2. Create a folder in the root of your drive C:

3. Extract all the content of the zip file to the folder.

4. Look for lynx.exe inside the folder and create a shortcut (right click, duh!).

5. Paste the shortcut on your desktop for easy access and open it.

If you've followed the steps above, you should be seeing Google's homepage. Well, sort of. As you can see, it looks like MS DOS.

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