Can’t See Adsense Ads on Android Phone

Dec 16, 2013 / Share
I have observed this for a few months already. When I view my websites using my Android phone, Adsense ads only show a blank white space.

I’m not sure if this is one of the precautions set up by Google Adsense to prevent us from accidentally clicking (or tapping) our own ads. If so, it’s a good one.

However, I also want to see what ads are appearing on my websites when viewed using an Android phone. That’s why I borrow another Android phone to observe Adsense ads on my websites.

Maybe it’s the fact that I used the same email address on Adsense and on my Android phone or the custom Rom that I installed contains an app that blocks Adsense ads. But I have no problem viewing Adsense ads on other websites.

I also tried tethering my phone’s internet connection to my laptop and observed the same – no Adsense ads. Even my friend’s laptop connected to my phone’s WiFi hotspot didn’t show adsense ads on my websites.

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