Ambient Digital Philippines Earnings and Ads Review

Dec 22, 2013 / Share
My relationship with Ambient Digital has been ON and OFF. I've been paid once and decided to keep it on.

Ambient Digital Ads

Application Process

Applying for Ambient Digital took a few days. That's definitely better than Google Adsense but with more requirements than Nuffnang.

I sent an email to Liza Gonzales, Ambient Digital's Publisher Manager. In the message, I introduced my self and my blog. I also attached a screenshot of my blog's stats to show that it has more than 20,000 visitors per month. Now it has more than 300,000 pageviews per month.

The next day, she replied and asked more questions about my blog. I answered them and a few more about how frequently I post and similar questions.

Finally, she sent the ad code after 3 days. She just made sure that my blog has good quality content and enough number of visitors. Work on those aspects first if you will apply.

Here's her email address: liza.gonzales (at)

Ambient Digital Ads

As you might have seen on websites with Ambient Digital ads, they are video ads that float on the lower right corner of the screen.

It's perfect if your reader is viewing your website in a large screen. However, it becomes intrusive on netbooks, tablets and of course, mobile phones.

This is the primary reason why I removed it often and then put it up again for a few days. Then I settled with just showing Ambient Digital ads for large screens using a small javascript tweak.

Ambient Digital Earnings

After a month of being ON and OFF on my tech blog, my Ambient Digital account already reached the payout threshold of ₱650 only. So I decided to just let it sit there.

I let the ads on for 3 weeks and to my astonishment, it reached more than ₱2,000! I decided to let it on for more weeks until my earnings reached ₱5,400. Then I made a withdrawal.

Three months passed, November 2013, Ambient Digital deposited my ₱5,400 to my bank account.

I kept it on since then but only showing the ads if the screen size is large enough. My earnings are now at ₱7,000.
  1. Sir how to apply on Ambient Digital ?

    1. Sir nagapply na po ako sana po matangap ang aking blog na

  2. Hi daniel, so you can get into Ambient with 20K visits a month? Also could you clarify if this is 20k visits or pageviews? I was under the impression (because of other reviews I've read) that you had to have a minimum of 2K visits (or maybe views) a day to be accepted. This is primarily why I've never tried applying to them.

    Also were the stats you showed them WP jetpack or google analytics. They seem to show different numbers although similar trends. I'm assuming this is because analytics also counts my views on my blog in their stats and I check up on my blog a lot lol.

    1. Hi Malds! I showed them my Google Analytics pageviews.

      It's not 2k visits per day. That's too high!

      You should try applying for Ambient Digital.

    2. Cool thanks Daniel, will gove it a shot :)