Schedule Your Facebook Status Updates and Posts Automatically

Sep 13, 2013 / Share
Updating your Facebook page regularly can be a daunting task because you have other things to do. Thankfully, you can just post something and set an exact time and date when you want it to appear. Here's how:

1. Open your Facebook page and write something, choose a photo to upload or create an event.

Facebook status update Happy New Year

2. Instead of hitting the Post button, click on the small clock icon on the lower left corner. This will show the options for the schedule starting with the year up to the minute.

Scheduled Facebook post

3. Make sure that you choose a future date. I accidentally chose August once when it was already September and the options for the minutes did not appear.

4. When done, just click the blue Schedule button and wait for your post to appear in your timeline and in your friends' timeline too.

Scheduled Happy New Year on Facebook

I've done this a lot of times already on my Facebook page and the limit of the date that you can specify is up to a year. However, I noticed that on my personal Facebook account, I can only schedule posts on the same day.

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