How to Remove Ads and Promotions on Skype (Step by Step Guide)

Sep 15, 2013 / Share
Skype advertisementsSkype is a very useful program for communicating with your loved ones or your clients. However, some people are annoyed by the advertisements on the lower left corner of its user interface.

Thankfully, there's an easy way to remove those advertisements from Skype and enjoy a clutter free user interface. Here are the steps:

1. With your Skype open, click on Tools and then choose Options to open the Skype Options window.

Skype options

2. On the Skype Settings window, go to the Notifications tab and then click on the Alerts and Messages sub tab. Remove the check marks on Help and Skype tips and Promotions.

disable ads, help and promotions on Skype

3. Restart Skype to enable the changes you've made and enjoy Skype without advertisements!

Skype without ads and promotions

Please remember that these advertisements are a source of revenue for Skype. Disabling them removes the chances that Skype may earn from those advertisers.
  1. Thanks. I understand about Ads for Skype but its annoying and no more ads, yay!