5 Tips to Be Hired in oDesk Immediately

Jul 3, 2013 / Share
oDesk LogoGetting hired in oDesk can be difficult if you are new. Following these 5 essential tips can get you hired almost immediately.

1. Complete your oDesk Profile

Clients in oDesk want to know who they are going to hire. If your profile lacks a decent picture, why would they hire you? Fill up completely all the details asked in your profile.

Your profile is also your chance to show off your background. Include a catchy Title like "Expert PHP Programmer" and make sure you complete the oDesk readiness test.

2. Add your Best Works in your oDesk Portfolio

I understand that you might be new to oDesk and you don't have anything to show yet. But you have no proof of your skills. Take time and create something to include in your oDesk Portfolio.

For example, if you are trying to apply for jobs related to Photoshop, take a picture of your self and remove its background. Create a before and after comparison and upload it in your Portfolio.

3. Create a Unique Cover Letter for Each Application

Nothing sets off a client faster than a copy-paste cover letter. Take time to read his problem - the task that he needs to be done. Using the information given, write a cover letter.

Your cover letter should follow this proven format:

Dear Mr. _________ ,

State that you understand his problem and that you know how to solve it.

State your similar experiences and educational background if applicable.

State that you are willing to answer more questions and don't forget to say thank you.


Your Name
Your Title (example: Experienced PHP Programmer)

4. Offer a Very Low Bid

If you offer a client in oDesk with a very low bid, you will surely catch their attention. For example, if the client posted a budget of $100, bid with as low as $40.

I used this technique when I was still new to oDesk and I was immediately hired. I was contented with the rate since the exchange rate from US Dollars to Philippine Peso is 1:40.

Don't worry, after your first job on oDesk, you'll surely get a 5-star rating from that client and will in turn increase your chances of being hired when you apply for another job.

5. Complete the Task Before Applying

You might think that this is ridiculous but I've already done this several times. There were times that I succeeded and there were also times that I wasn't. Here's how you'll get hired using this technique:

 Find a job that you can finish quickly. For example, I can remove a background of an image in about 10 minutes. I'll then look for this type of jobs.

Upon applying to the job, I will attach a low resolution version of the images with the background removed. The oDesk client will see this and hire me to send the high resolution version then I get paid.

Those are just 5 of the different things that you can do to get hired in oDesk immediately. If you have any question or suggestion, please comment below.

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